Well thats it..

by Robert Whetton 29. May 2008 17:21
Sorry I've not been updating here, so busy editing Wedding Photographs for other people and preparing for a Wedding tomorrow that I've neglected this blog..

Well yesterday saw the farewell to the baby robins that have been camping out in the shed, I just managed to take a shot of the last one leaving..

Oh and after the weekend I'll post about last weekend away with my son at Cub Camp..

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Wedding Photos Update

by Robert Whetton 23. May 2008 01:49
Well I've completed the first Wedding, including black and white conversions, I was asked to make a border to fit a 6x4 inch proof print which included the file name and the togs details, so I batched those through Photoshop and uploaded to their webspace.
I'm just waiting for the 2nd wedding to finish processing have 29 minutes left and then I can batch those through Photoshop and set them uploading while i go and get a little sleep, no rest for the wicked!

Uh oh

by Robert Whetton 22. May 2008 13:40
I've been rumbled by dad!

Was in the shed with my 70-200 and x2 Tele converter shooting ISO3200 and in he flies and perches on the lawnmower..

The kids are growing fast, their tails are really coming on now

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Robin Watch

by Robert Whetton 21. May 2008 16:17
I checked up on the little guys this morning, they seem well, they've left enough of their poo everywhere!

Just the one photo today, they're getting harder to photograph as they won't sit still any more and pose for the camera..

oh and here's dad collecting the kids food

Oh and as I'm typing this the first batch of 813 Wedding Photographs are being batch resized ready for proofing (some have been converted to black and white for a 2nd option).

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