Last of the Robin Reports

by Robert Whetton 12. May 2008 16:08
Looks like this is going to be the last of the Robin reports.. I just got back from taking my son Max to hospital for a check up to see how his new Epilepsy drugs are doing and they've gone!!

Would have been great to get a photo of them flying away...

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Dad Feeding Robins

by Robert Whetton 12. May 2008 11:27
Well I decided that today was the day that I should try and get a remote photo of the babies feedind. The shed door has been open during the day over the weekend to let out some of the heat and both adult robins have been happy to fly in and out.

I set up my 20D with 70-200 with radio remote on my tripod inside the shed and waited patiently outside looking out for the robins to prepare to take the photo, once one had flown inside i could see through the side window when it reached the nest.

After an hour and half of waiting for the right moment I captured this photograph.

More updates on the baby birds soon..

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by Robert Whetton 11. May 2008 20:52
Whew!, it looks like all 4 baby robins are still alive and kicking! damn they're growing quick, the feathers are really beginning to fill out now..

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Baby Robins Update

by Robert Whetton 10. May 2008 20:33
Looks like there might be some bad news today, I've noticed that one of the birds is in the same position as it was yesterday, head back and no movement..

I'll take another look tomorrow and see if there is any sign of life.

Oh yeah, looks like one of them has a hitch-hiker

Hopefully get out somewhere nice so I can get some nice shots of the 'Bus' as the kids have now nicknamed it..

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