Robin Update

by Robert Whetton 9. May 2008 16:26
Well they look more alive today than yesterday, i think they've grown as well, and can see 4 babies today..

On another note, got a new batmobile to carry the troops and gear around in, I'll post some nice photos over the weekend.

edit: looks like i'll have to update the script on my laptop - just noticed that the © is for 2007!

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More Robins Update

by Robert Whetton 8. May 2008 13:30
Ok, so i spent my lunch stalking the front of the shed. I set my 20D up with my 70-200 and 2x Tele on my Slik Pro 700DX tripod

I wasn't very successful using manual focus as the birds came in different places each time, when I do this again (probably over the weekend) I'll use auto focus and hope that the bird is in the right spot..

These last two were taken with my 2nd body with a Canon 75-300mm MKIII USM

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Baby Robins

by Robert Whetton 8. May 2008 09:52
Well it looks like we have some robins nesting in the shed.. been watching them popping in and out using the gap in the top of the shed door.

When I have a little more time I'll stake out the door with my 70-200 with 2x tele on and see if I can grab a shot of them going in / coming out.

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Pete Christie - New Album Frank Anounced

by Robert Whetton 7. May 2008 23:16
Dorset's acoustic legend Pete Christie has asked me to shoot the photos for his next album.. watch this space!

Pete Christie Playing at Mr Kyps in Poole. Photography by Robert Whetton

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