Model Shoot

by Robert Whetton 26. June 2008 23:28

Last week I had the pleasure of Second Shooting (and assisting with lighting) Jordan Samson, a lovely lady who's been modelling for the past one and a half years. I hope to have the chance of shooting her again as the main shooter soon.

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Photography | Post Processing

Broadening Services

by Robert Whetton 23. June 2008 20:49
With the popularity of editing other Photographers Pphotographs, I've decided to take it a step further and offer my services to design Wedding Books as well, I'm hoping to have my first from a Wedding Photographer in Glasgow, Scotland (watch this space).

Pre-School Photo Shoot

by Robert Whetton 18. June 2008 16:42
Well today I completed what is hopefully one of many School Photo Shoots. It was for my daughters Pre-School and comprised of a set shot (we used the play kitchen as a background) and then I wandered around with the 70-200 taking candid shots of the children as they played, did puzzles etc.

I think if you don't have the right feel for shooting children, it could quite happily go very wrong very quickly, some children were very uneasy sitting in front of a stranger, who's asking them to sit in a certain way and getting them to smile for the camera. I think there was only one who we couldn't get to smile, and in fact she didn't crack a smile all the time we were there, even when she was having fun playing with the other children (I still managed to get a shot of her that is gorgeous though).

Roll on the next School Shoot!

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Digital Makeup - Professional Photo Retouching by Robert Whetton

by Robert Whetton 4. June 2008 15:14
North Eastern Ohio Based Photographer Lisa Beachler asked me if I could remove some acne from one of her portrait subjects, as she had tried and said that the side of the face came out like a blurred mess. So I said sure send it over and I'll take a look..

Oh boy, I was expecting a few patches of zits, but oh no, this kid has a serious problem with it, apparently he's tried nearly everything to eliminate them, diets, creams etc and nothing will put a dent in them, well he hasn't tried my Photoshop skills!

The Start Digital Makeup - the start
The Inbetweeny Bit
Digital Makeup - halfway through
The Final Result
Digital Makeup - finished

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