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by Robert Whetton 19. March 2009 00:58

So, Monday's shoot with Mr Kyps was cancelled and rescheduled for Weds. My Tuesday portrait session also cancelled and rescheduled for Weds. What a busy day!

Chris George lead singer for Thunderhawk was down from London and wanted to celebrate his loss of weight and new teeth. I took him for a roller coaster ride over 2 hours. You were a lot of fun to shoot Chris, thanks :)

Just the one photo for now, im culling and editing later..
Christopher George - Portrait Session
After culling, I came away from the shoot with 68 winners! This sequence was just to get Mr George warmed up in front of the camera..
Christopher George - Portrait Session

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Skinny Skulls hit The Winchester Pub, Solid Air

by Robert Whetton 19. March 2009 00:52

Ok so Monday's gig wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. It was a Solid Air gig, which meant that Conrad was there with his lighting rig (but that poses a problem in itself, he loves to use red gels on his lights..). Again this wasnt a problem, he was willing to take a gel off of one of the lights and have it as white light! so I just added an Off Camera Flash to the side that still had the red gels, and I added my own green gel to my 580EX Speedlite.

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Monday Madness

by Robert Whetton 14. March 2009 17:49
Well, I got a phone call from Mr Kyps who would like me to come into their establishment when its empty and do a shoot of the place for their press release.

On top of that, Skinny Skulls are playing at The Winchester in Bournemouth, and have also invited me out to lunch and want some candid shots of them playing a board game as they relax before the main event. Its not amazing light in that place, I shot some photographs of The Douglas Firs and was at ISO3200 to get a decent shutter speed, so I'm going to put some coloured gels on my speedlites and shoot remote.

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Canford School, Dorset

by Robert Whetton 12. March 2009 17:19

The meeting this morning went great, the marketing dept loved the shots I took, they're making a copy of the proof disc to give to the head of drama, and they expect him to want all 289 shots! I think I'll be able to stretch to giving them a licensing discount on that amount of photographs..
This is a shot they kept coming back to.

And so they've asked me to shoot another play, this time put on by the younger students at the school. They're putting on Oliver, a musical version. So I would think that they'll have plenty of colourful lighting to go with it, should make for some great shots.
The marketing dept is still keen for me to re-shoot the photographs that they need, and will be getting back to me about that ASAP.
Stay tuned!

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