Night Shooting - Portrait Session with Jen Eustace. Dorset Portrait Photographer Robert Whetton

by Robert Whetton 20. June 2009 14:45

I had an itch last week to go out and get some night shots.. I needed a model, and up and coming Tog Jen Eustace was good enough to volunteer herself and boyfriend Steve for the task! We drove around for about an hour before I found a spot I was happy with the ambient light and background..

Anyway, I've used my new actions to compress the shots into 2 managable sizes

The staff from the Tesco Express we finally found to start the shoot couldn't believe their eyes!

Steve was a great help, holding the light stand when we were out in the open, it was quite windy to begin with.. He also helped by shining a light for my AF to work in the darker patches, thanks Steve.

I have an idea for some beach shots, so hopefully will be using the services of Miss Eustace and Steve once more..

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FRANK goes to press!

by Robert Whetton 11. June 2009 19:05
Its been thrown about a bit, an extra track added, more people added to the credits. But today I put Frank to bed as it were.. Final separations were printed to high res PDF.
Frank Cover

I can't wait to have a copy of the finished CD in my grubby mitts..

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Photoshop Tutorial DVD Update

by Robert Whetton 11. June 2009 13:03

Ok, so a quick update on how my tutorials are coming, I'm getting there, in between script writing, I'm putting actions together for the bonus disc. I'll be doing the actual recording of the tutorials in about a month, and also hoping to enrol the help of a friend for something extra.

A glimpse of just a couple of actions that I've done to aid photographers with blogging their photographs.

The following shots can be found over on Creations Studio Blog and are used with their kind permission.

Canford School presents Oliver - Dorset Event Photography by Robert Whetton

by Robert Whetton 3. June 2009 22:37

Back in March Canford School asked me to attend and photograph the dress rehearsal for their play Oliver. The kids were much younger than the 6th form students who performed 1984, but this didn't make it any less dramatic, I was blown away by the skill of everyone of them!

Just the one shot for now..

Head of Music also wants the pano stitch as a 50 inch wide mounted print! stay tuned for that as well, ill post some photographs when its finished.

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