Hood / Screen Shield pt 2

by Robert Whetton 7. July 2009 00:41

Ok so I've had a tinker, and this is what I think will work..

Instead of using the card for the hinge units, I've gone with fabric, because its for a laptop, its going to have a lot of bending about because of being put up and taken down. I figured the card wouldn't last..

I've also added tabs at the back to attach to the laptop outer case with velcro strips. I'm going to do some artwork to cover the laptop and the shield, I may as well put advertising stuff on it as its going to be out in public..
Laptop Hood

Part 3

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Laptop Hood

by Robert Whetton 6. July 2009 10:11

So I've been thinking, on Facebook a few people were complaining that they couldn't see the screen on their laptop outside, and I have to admit that last year I was thinking the same thing about mine. I shoot tethered to my Laptop from time to time, but not outside because I can't really see what's on the screen if its too sunny..

I have some materials left from when I made my monitor hood and the one for the competition, I think it will be just enough for doing this project, but i need to think about how to construct it a little more, unlike the hood on the monitor, this hood is going to need to colapse for portability..

Stay tuned folks, I'll be back with some concept drawings soon :)

Part 2

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Oh No Broken Laptop Screen!

by Robert Whetton 2. July 2009 16:54
"EEEK!" I shouted as I tripped and fell on my laptop.. (well actually the words used where too extreme to put here). 1 call to the insurance company and I thought, £150.00 excess?! so after trawling ebay (my Dell is the D820 with a 15.4 WUXGA 1920x1200 pixels) there are plenty of WXGA+ (1280x800) screens - i found MCS Technology Ltd who are actually pretty close and cheaper than my insurance excess, that supply spare parts from broken machines..

So ordered another 1920x1200px screen from them yesterday, arrived today. Cant beat that kind of service!

Onwards with the repair.. This is what my laptop displayed after I fell on it..
Broken Dell Latitude D820 Screen
So after removing the battery, use a knife to prise the rubber bungs (also attached with sticky glue) out of the holes to reveal cross head screws (thank you Dell for not using star headed screws)
Broken Dell Latitude D820 Screen
After all the screws are taken out, its just a case of carefully prising the front of the screen away from the back.
Broken Dell Latitude D820 Screen
..To reveal more screws! another 8 need to be taken out before the LCD panel will come away from the back.
Broken Dell Latitude D820 Screen
Once all the screws are out, carefully manoeuvre the panel so you can see the back, there are 2 cables attached that require a little dexterity to take off.
Broken Dell Latitude D820 Screen
The larger flat cable has a couple of locking clips that require a firm grip to enable you to disconnect it from the screen.
Broken Dell Latitude D820 Screen
The smaller cable just needs a little tug, while holding onto the PCB.
Broken Dell Latitude D820 Screen
Then its to the bin with the busted screen, and giving the new (used screen) a little TLC to clean it. and reverse the above to put the screen in place..

Then replace battery, and power on, hopefully everything is ok.. I hadnt done anything with the settings for my screen, when I took this shot of my screen now back in working condition.
Broken Dell Latitude D820 Screen
So happy to have my laptop back up and running again!

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