One Lloyd Workshop - A London Boudoir Photography Experience.

by Robert Whetton 1. March 2011 10:24

One Lloyd Workshop Logo
Back in October last year, myself and a couple of other photographers took up Lloyd Yoon's offer of meeting up with him when he was in London for a couple of days, and letting him show us how he photographs Boudoir. Lloyd is a master with the camera and light, so we would have been mad to miss this opportunity to learn from him.
Lloyd had lined up make up Artist Zana, who was also willing to Model for us, and another Model Katya.

First I have to say what an amazing room Lloyd had booked from Hazlitts Hotel in Soho London.

We were taken through the etiquette of how to act and what to say around the client. Lloyd then showed us how to get the best out of the people we photographed.

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography

It was surprising what little it takes to get a kick ass pose.

Lloyd then went through some standard poses that help your client look their best, after showing us each pose, he then let us loose with our cameras. Much banter was had between the 7 of us, I'm not sure how Zana kept her composure with all the goofing around between shots.

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography
Left to right: Zana, Gareth, Lloyd, Tony, Nick, John

Lloyd also talked through his lighting technique, and again the stuff he said totally made sense once he'd said it!

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography
One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography
One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography
One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography
One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography
One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography

Our time with Zana seemed to fly by and before we knew it our time with her was up. Katya turned up and Zana did her makeup and hair before departing.

Lloyd did well with is choice of models, both Zana and Katya were not only beautiful but were great fun in the shoot, I think Katya just pipped Zana to the post with being able to give as well as take in the banter between us.

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography

Lloyd remembered that he was meant to be playing some mood music while shooting. He asked Katya the type of music she'd like to listen to while beign photographed and she mentioned Punk Rock. Lloyd loaded up Punk Rock in his online radio player and some weired Punk started playing.. we didn't notice until about 15 minutes into the shoot. John has a recording from his 5D2 (unfortunately is privately hosted on Vimeo so I can't post it here) where we're asking what the music is thats playing.

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography
John let me borrow his Canon 135L for a couple of shots - amazing glass, so sharp.

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography

The weather had been bad all day and we were hoping to get out and about using London as a backdrop.. Luckily we had a break and made the decision to head out and see what we could get. There was only 1 snag. Katya had forgotten normal clothing so just had the tracksuit she had worn to travel in and a blue jumper. She was happy to go and shoot with just the jumper (it was a long one after all).

We got ready and headed to Big Ben, the plan was Big Ben and then London Eye. Nick and I made it for Big Ben, but ran out of time to get shots at the London Eye.

One Lloyd Workshop - Boudoir Photography

Lloyd has invited us over to Canada to shoot, so who knows what will happen in the future.

Thank you Lloyd for taking the time out in your European Fashion Tour to teach the 5 of us something new.

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New Blog for Robert Whetton Dorset Portrait, Wedding and Events Photographer.

by Robert Whetton 26. February 2011 04:11

Well its taken a while, we moved server (my coder and I) to accomodate for the bandwidth that some of our clients are taking up atm, and the best way forward we thought was to go for a Windows server that could also run SQL Server.

I initially wanted to go with a Wordpress Blog, although i've used Blogger for quite a few years now, I've been wanting to have the blog on my domain to help drive the traffic to my site. Moving to a Windows server seemed to have washed those plans down the plug hole, but i found a version that was meant to run on Windows, but after many hours of wrestling with that installer, my coder Ian found this blog which installed flawlessly.

Well i say flawlessly, what hasn't been so flawless is the porting of previous blog posts from Blogger into this blog, it didn't like something in the XML document and we wrestled with the file for hours before the posts would import. Unfortunately the previous comments are all gone, as they wouldn't import at all..

And I'm now wrestling with the CSS file to get the blog looking the way I want it to look. But I'm not giving up and hopefully by the time you are reading this, everythign will have sorted itself out.

Its Christmas!

by Robert Whetton 24. December 2010 18:00
I have so many posts that I need to blog about, but just haven't had the time..

I have a couple more Weddings with Boundless, and the Wedding from today. I have the Boudoir workshop from London and a model folio re-shoot and why I had to re-shoot it.

I've re-worked my Logo and Website, which I'm looking to move the blog to, its much better to have my website and blog on the same server with the same domain.

But for now this years Christmas card. It was fun doing this years card, getting everyone to jump and do different things.

Christmas Card 2010. Photography by Robert Whetton Photographer

But for now I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!
See you on the new blog.

Design Change - in the workings

by Robert Whetton 26. October 2010 15:11
In between taking photographs - attending workshops (blog post in the making, just need to find the time to post) - producing wedding albums for other photographers and editing photographs. I'm changing my logo and the way that my main site looks and works, hoping to come off of blogger as well (sorry google), and set up a word press blog on my site instead.

I just need to find some time...

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