Why do people insist on ruining other peoples photographs?

by Robert Whetton 12. August 2010 18:45
What am I talking about?

Last Sunday it was Rachel's brother's birthday and the whole family went to Moors Valley and rode on the train (I can't fit on the train), I thought it would be good to get a shot of everyone on the train waving. So off I ran to the bridge that crosses over the rails just after the station, set my camera and waited.
Then as the train drew toward the bridge, Max bless him shouted "now" and everyone started to wave, I rattled off a shot or 4 and a quick look at the back showed that I'd nailed exposure and had good framing.

However what I didn't see until I downloaded the cards was a man with his daughter just behind Dave flipping the bird throughout the series of shots! I had no idea the local hospital had let the retards out on day leave..
Birthday photograph ruined. Photography by Robert Whetton Photographer
If this had been a family who had come down from up north, or the family was scattered all over the country and had met up, these shots would have been ruined because of a thoughtless idiot..
Good job that I know Photoshop inside out!

So there are 2 ways to deal with this, you can Crop the image and remove the offending person.
Birthday photograph ruined, but fixed with crop. Photography by Robert Whetton Photographer

The other way is if you want to keep your original framing, and involves some careful manipulation of the original photograph.
Birthday photograph ruined, but fixed with cloning. Photography by Robert Whetton Photographer
One new nose and bent finger later.
Birthday photograph ruined, but fixed with cloning. Before and after. Photography by Robert Whetton Photographer

Summer Portrait Session with Jen Eustace in Dorset

by Robert Whetton 29. July 2010 01:57

Yesterday I should have been in the heart of the New Forest at about 4.30am taking photographs of Deer in the morning light. I should have been, but the event was cancelled and my day scuppered.. So instead I took the time to take Jen out into the countryside nr Shaftesbury for some summer portraits. I'd spotted some nice fields last week when travelling to a Rhythm & Dance class to take photographs for their new website. Just a couple of shots up for now, I need to prepare some other work before heading off on holiday on Sat (my first holiday in 5 years! so looking forward to it)

Summer Portrait. Photography by Robert Whetton Events Photographer Summer Portrait. Photography by Robert Whetton Events Photographer Jen using her hat and elite ninja skills to hide in the wheat fields.

I'll edit and post more after the holiday.

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Jess and Mike get hitched for a 2nd time! at Tudor Grange Hotel in Bournemouth

by Robert Whetton 14. February 2009 23:53

Well they were originally married in the USA as Jess is from there, but they wanted to have a blessing over here for all of Mikes friends and family who couldn't make it over.


What a roller coaster of emotions it turned out to be! I started the day by photographing Jess at the hair dressers. But I'm only posting the one image right now I still have to finish off a 3 Gigabyte 95x44 inch Panoramic image from the Concert on Thursday night.


So without delay I give you Jess and Mike, the happy couple.

<center><img src="http://www.pbase.com/bob_hall/image/109190447.jpg" alt="Mike and Jess, Blessing. Photography by Robert Whetton" /></center>


Thanks for letting Rachel and I capture your special day! It was lots of fun!

Can't believe I'm going to do this

by Robert Whetton 27. September 2008 00:13

Well 11:30PM I received a call from an amateur photographer friend of mine, we've been out and shot at the same gigs a couple of times. I helped him a couple of weeks ago with a photo shoot with is girl friend for her folio (music stuff).

Anyway he's been 2nd shooting for that photographer I turned down.. Last week he was given his first solo gig, the 'pro' couldn't make the wedding because he had a family function that he was attending. So lent his gear to my friend. But tonight he called him up saying that he'd just sacked the tog for tomorrows wedding and that he was doing it. Well armed with only a mid range Nikon with 1 battery and 1 wide fast zoom, you can imagine his reaction..

So I said that I'd help him out tomorrow, I can't believe the gall of this 'pro', its not one of his cheaper packages either!

Oh well, I've just checked my gear, synced my cameras so they're both running on the same time and put the spare batts on charge.

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