Model Shoot

by Robert Whetton 26. June 2008 23:28

Last week I had the pleasure of Second Shooting (and assisting with lighting) Jordan Samson, a lovely lady who's been modelling for the past one and a half years. I hope to have the chance of shooting her again as the main shooter soon.

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Look Who I Found - Baby Robin

by Robert Whetton 4. June 2008 13:55
Was just taking a wander through the garden when I spotted what looks like to be one of the young robins from the shed! I'm so happy that one has decided to stop for a while..

I'm going to try some dried mealworms to see if I can tempt it out into the open for a decent shot.
Baby Robin

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Preparation for July Wedding

by Robert Whetton 3. June 2008 10:21
Well I took a drive up on Sunday to Boundless Photos in Warwick to Meet with Nick and Jon to discuss second shooting with Jon for the wedding of David and Charlotte. A great couple who both Jon and I are very excited about photographing on the day. Jon is going to shoot Charlotte getting ready and I'm shooting David on the Morning.

We met the couple at their Reception Venue, The Menzies Welcombe Hotel Spa and Golf Club. I think i can safely say that this venue is going to make for some amazing photographs, Jon and I were like kids around candy with all the fantastic settings we found for the day.

David anounced that he had sold his Lotus and they were going to be delivering it to the new owner later that day. I suggested that if they wanted, Jon and I could get some last shots of them with the car, and with it having such a great backdrop how could they refuse..

After the meeting we moved on to the church in Knowle, again the church looks stunning and they've just redone the lighting inside, so will make for some stunning photography, the two locations are just amazing the architecture and textures everywhere is a photographers dream!

We also scouted the area, David had mentioned about hitting the Red Lion pub across the road from the church for a quick pint, so we took a look at that and checked out how far the Hotel he and his grooms men would be staying was. I spotted an interesting shop on the way that I hope will make for some great fun shots before the ceremony, so roll on the 12th July..

Photoshop Tutorial : Combining Multiple Exposures

by Robert Whetton 13. May 2008 21:38

UPDATE: Video Tutorial > HERE

Its Tutorial time, I'm going to show how to do something that is asked a lot on Photography Forums.

Combining Multiple Exposures

Ok a list of tools I used to do this
1. Camera with wide angle lens (I used the kit lens that comes with most Canon DSLR's)
2. Remote release (easier than using the timer!)
3. Tripod - I use a Slik Pro 700DX
4. Time (lots of!)

How To:

1. Choose your location - pref with a constant light source and setup the camera with the remote release attached.

2. Set exposure and focus for the scene, focus somewhere in the middle - i focused on the right hand edge of my TFT (i use a Formac 2010).
2a. Disable Auto focus.
2b. I shot with a aperature of f10, giving me an exposure of 1sec @ ISO100..

Combining Multiple Exposures. Editing by Robert Whetton

3. Set the camera to time delay shutter and press the shutter release and quickly get into position, or get into position with your remote shutter (find some way of hiding/using it - you could always clone it out after).

Combining Multiple Exposures. Editing by Robert Whetton

4. Repeat step 3 until you think you've nailed enough shots to get a good set up.

Combining Multiple Exposures. Editing by Robert Whetton

Combining Multiple Exposures. Editing by Robert Whetton

5. Open pics in Photoshop and drag them into the first pic, try and put them in an order so that the furthest pose away from the camera is first and then build upwards so the closest pose is at the top of the stack.
5a. Using the lasso tool - freehand or polygon - select each pose and feather it by 5px, then hit the layer mask button in the layers pallet.

Combining Multiple Exposures. Editing by Robert Whetton

6. Repeat for each layer, some layers may be more complex than others to hide, so grab the brush tool and paint away unwanted areas.

Combining Multiple Exposures. Editing by Robert Whetton

7. Because you're setup on a tripod and unless you have a moving scene, for the most, the selection doesn't have to be all that great.

Combining Multiple Exposures. Editing by Robert Whetton

And now you're all asking what's Layer 4! well i figured i'd cast a shadow on myself from behind looking over my shoulder, so i added a shadowed area over my ear and neck

Combining Multiple Exposures. Editing by Robert Whetton

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