PPI/DPI Does Matter - NOT - why some people get confused

by Robert Whetton 9. March 2011 15:15


Ok so on Twitter I follow @ScottBourne, who yesterday posted about if you wanted your photographs to be critiqued then you needed to supply 72PPI 640 Pix wide to thepwspi@gmail.com

He had a swarm of replies saying that PPI didn't matter, and they were right, but he's been defending his original Tweet here > http://photofocus.com/2011/03/09/dispelling-common-photo-myths-ppi-does-matter/

Now, the belief for many people is that if you want to post something on the internet, you need to give the graphic/image a resolution of 72PPI or DPI as some people still call it. I personally use PPI if I'm working on stuff that is online, and DPI if I'm using stuff for print (I'll swap to PPI if dealing with photographers as they like the term PPI if for web or otherwise)

This simply is not true, you can have any PPI you like in the resolution box when posting stuff online. The only limiting factor in the size that it will appear on someones screen is by the size and the resolution they are working at.

You demand proof? ok lets take a portrait.


Full Size Portrait ready to be resized in Photoshop

As you can see it's 96.9MB 4752x7128 pixels in size at 300PPI (Pixels/inch)

Now, I've resized the shot to a managable 533x800 pixels. Without saving and opening any of these images, tell me which one is the 72PPI image?

Resized portrait

Resized portrait

Resized portrait

Resized portrait

Each one of the above resized portraits has a different resolution attached to it, and yet are the same KB ±0.8KB. Don't believe me? right click on an image and "Save as" to your computer then open the shots up in your preferred editor and take a look at the resolution.

So how come they have the same pixels but a different resolution? well resolution is used in print. A desktop publishing application such as QuarkXPress or InDesign will look at the resolution and the dimensions of that image at the given resolution and import acordingly. A photo with a res of 72PPI with pixel dimensions of 1200x1800 will be imported at 42.33cm x 63.53cm because 1200pixels devided by 72 = 16.6 inches or 42.333333 cm. So when that comes in on sceen its massive and will need to be resized to fit into the document. However if you supply the same image at a resolution of 300PPI that same image will import at the correct size into the application 10.16cm x 15.25cm.

So conclusion? only time Resolution matters is when sending stuff of to a publishing house, design agency or if you make your own albums / print ready artwork. 600 pixels is always 600 pixels no matter what the resolution.

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COMPETITION: Win 2 hours of professional photo retouching from Robert Whetton

by Robert Whetton 8. March 2011 14:40

So I'm coming up on my 10,000th post on Twitter and figured I would give away something that was useful. 2 Hours of my time retouching a photograph or photographs (subject to evaluation of photograph/s) for FREE! My usual pricing is £120hr.


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You do not have to be a photographer or live in the UK to enter this competition. Anyone who has rights to their photographs is elegible for this service. Please visit the retouching page on my old site to see the kind of work that can be done in the time given.

The first name that appears in the Twitter feed wins.


Mothers Day Present - Dorset Portrait Photography by Photographer Robert Whetton

by Robert Whetton 5. March 2011 01:50

Why not do something different for your mum this Mothers Day - April 3rd 2011 and book a portrait sitting for either her or yourselves to give her an ever lasting present - 4, 9x6 inch professionally produced photographs. The price? Just £65.00 normal sitting cost "£165.00"

Mothers Day Special Deal. £65.00 instead of £165.00 for a portrait sitting

Dont delay, Book Now for some outstanding portraits that will last a lifetime.

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ISTD Ballroom and Latin Dancing Competitions

by Robert Whetton 1. March 2011 23:30

Back in August of 2009 Rachel, Max and Maisy started Ballroom and Latin Dancing at Rhythm & Dance. We weren't sure how Max would take to the dancing because of his brain damage. But he seems to have coped well, we even think its helped his memory as the repetitive process of learning the steps has sunk in.

Everyone was dancing well and had passed exams by the time their first competition arrived in June 2010. Destination Hove in Brighton, Sussex.

Was an early Sunday start to drive the 2 hour journey so we could be at the venue with time to spare. When we arrived there was very little traffic on the roads (a typical Sunday).. It took me back to my paintball tournement days, you reach a certain point and the traffic all seems to be heading one way.

Rachel and the kids had been to a previous competition to watch, so they knew what to expect, but I had no idea . It is all very well organised and each dance school had their own allocated seating.

As competitors and their parents arrived, there were a few more cameras, and all shared the same theme - Flash, even the events own photographer was using studio strobes. I have no problem with flash in the right setting, but for someone who is trying to concentrate on their dancing, I cant imagine anything more distracting than having a flash in your face.

Anyway I had previously cleared it with Rhythm & Dance that I could photograph and concentraded my efforts into photographing them, no flash. Having never seen or done any dance photography before, it took me a couple of dances to get into the swing of things.

This was also my first time of using my 50D in anger for event photography, I think it coped very well, and I still had quite a bit to learn about its quirks shooting high ISO back then.

A few shots of Max and Maisy.

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

A rare moment indeed, Max dancing with Maisy - under normal circumstances they'd refuse..

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

Max wins his first Medal and also his place in the ISTD Ballroom and Latin National Finals at Blackpool.

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

After shooting this event I learnt quite a bit about about the Dances, how everything runs and the spot lighting kept me on my toes with exposure.

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