Top Heavy Down | Music Video by Love Love Films, Photographic coverage by Dorset Events Photographer

by Robert Whetton 15. March 2012 13:01

Middle of November saw me out in the middle of the New Forest with Love Love Films taking stills of them making a music video for Andy Duerden. Roll call was at 7am so it was all hands to the decks for bacon sandwiches at 6am!

It was the 2nd day of shooting, the weather better than the day before where the crew had to deal with foggy conditions. I had no real idea of what to expect other than there were going to be some guys dressed in green and orange stomping about in the New Forest.

All fueled up with Bacon goodness, we convoyed it into the deapest depths of the New Forest to shoot. 

Early Morning - Production Photography Dorset

Early Morning - Production Photography Dorset

Extra makeup - Production Photography Dorset

While Andy was having some filming done, I got a setup shot of the other green army men.

Setup shot of green army men - Production Photography Dorset

Next the guys whisked Andy off to a location from the previous days shoot to capture some loan footage. I tagged a long to get some shots.

Loan soldier footage - Production Photography Dorset

Running scene with Andy Duerden - Production Photography Dorset

After completing Andy's footage, we high tailed it back to the main location for more group footage.

Green army men walking though forest - Production Photography Dorset

Film crew - Production Photography Dorset

The orange army guys were having their finishing touches added in makeup ready for their filming.

Orange army man has make-up applied - Production Photography Dorset

Rosie Lee adds final make-up to orange army man - Production Photography Dorset

Green army meets orange army - Production Photography Dorset

Green vs Orange, peace held for the time being.

Film crew strap into crain - Production Photography Dorset

A crain was needed to capture footage of the camp and some other scenes using tilt-shift lenses

Camp fire scene with crain - Production Photography Dorset

Camp fire scene filmed from ground - Production Photography Dorset

Green army men huddled around camp fire - Production Photography Dorset

The guys were wishing that they had a "real" fire at this point, was a very cold day..

Reviewing crain footage - Production Photography Dorset

Once back on the ground everyone was excited to review the footage from the crain cam!

Final location of the day, green army walking into ambush! - Production Photography Dorset

Everyone packed up and it was onto the final location for the day - the final battle - Green vs Orange! who would win?

Green army men under fire - Production Photography Dorset

Orange army man shooting at green army - Production Photography Dorset

Green army rushing into cover - Production Photography Dorset

Andy Duerden has his green make-up topped up - Production Photography Dorset

Rosie Lee adds more make-up to Andy, keeping everyone green and orange was a full time job all day!

Hand to hand combat scene choreographed by Ross - Production Photography Dorset

Ross goes though a fight scene with 2 of the actors.

Hand to hand combat - Production Photography Dorset

Once Ross had been though the choreography, the two actors practiced angry faces while fighting.

GoPro strapped to gun butt. Make-up applied to hands - Production Photography Dorset

Film crew attaches GoPro to actors helmet - Production Photography Dorset

Some GoPro action for a some different angles!

Death scene - Production Photography Dorset

Last footage for the day, the death scenes..

Studio shoot against blue screen - Production Photography Dorset

Final day of filming, into the studio for blue screen. A miniture house had been made and filmed, all it needed was the final angles to composite them together in post.
Rosie puts finishing touches to Andy's make-up while Ross explains what is needed. 

Embrace - Production Photography Dorset

Andy has come home from the war to his wife who has been waiting for his return.
Ross eplains what is needed in the embrace.

It was a fun packed 2 days for me. My first time covering a production, I enjoyed every minute of it! A huge thanks to Georgina at Love Love Films for giving me the oportunity to cover the filming of the Music Video!
The finished music video can be viewed over on YouTube. Top Heavy Down by Andy Duerden 

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Photographing for - Dorset Event Photographer Robert Whetton

by Robert Whetton 4. April 2011 21:24

When closed its doors back in December a hole was left in the rock community of Dorset. One of the writers for DRO wanted to keep going and so was born. I bummped into Chinners at a gig at Mr Kyps and we talked about me coming on board with Dan O'gara (another gig photographer).

Saturday 26th March saw my first coverage of a gig for RR at the new improved Champions in Bournemouth. Even better still The Longest Day were playing!

The Longest Day play Champions

The Longest Day play Champions

The Longest Day play Champions

The Longest Day play Champions

The Longest Day play Champions

The Longest Day play Champions

To see the more images and a review of the gig, head over to

ISTD Ballroom and Latin Dancing Competitions

by Robert Whetton 1. March 2011 23:30

Back in August of 2009 Rachel, Max and Maisy started Ballroom and Latin Dancing at Rhythm & Dance. We weren't sure how Max would take to the dancing because of his brain damage. But he seems to have coped well, we even think its helped his memory as the repetitive process of learning the steps has sunk in.

Everyone was dancing well and had passed exams by the time their first competition arrived in June 2010. Destination Hove in Brighton, Sussex.

Was an early Sunday start to drive the 2 hour journey so we could be at the venue with time to spare. When we arrived there was very little traffic on the roads (a typical Sunday).. It took me back to my paintball tournement days, you reach a certain point and the traffic all seems to be heading one way.

Rachel and the kids had been to a previous competition to watch, so they knew what to expect, but I had no idea . It is all very well organised and each dance school had their own allocated seating.

As competitors and their parents arrived, there were a few more cameras, and all shared the same theme - Flash, even the events own photographer was using studio strobes. I have no problem with flash in the right setting, but for someone who is trying to concentrate on their dancing, I cant imagine anything more distracting than having a flash in your face.

Anyway I had previously cleared it with Rhythm & Dance that I could photograph and concentraded my efforts into photographing them, no flash. Having never seen or done any dance photography before, it took me a couple of dances to get into the swing of things.

This was also my first time of using my 50D in anger for event photography, I think it coped very well, and I still had quite a bit to learn about its quirks shooting high ISO back then.

A few shots of Max and Maisy.

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

A rare moment indeed, Max dancing with Maisy - under normal circumstances they'd refuse..

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

Max wins his first Medal and also his place in the ISTD Ballroom and Latin National Finals at Blackpool.

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

Ballroom and Latin Dance Photograph

After shooting this event I learnt quite a bit about about the Dances, how everything runs and the spot lighting kept me on my toes with exposure.

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by Robert Whetton 26. February 2011 04:11

Well its taken a while, we moved server (my coder and I) to accomodate for the bandwidth that some of our clients are taking up atm, and the best way forward we thought was to go for a Windows server that could also run SQL Server.

I initially wanted to go with a Wordpress Blog, although i've used Blogger for quite a few years now, I've been wanting to have the blog on my domain to help drive the traffic to my site. Moving to a Windows server seemed to have washed those plans down the plug hole, but i found a version that was meant to run on Windows, but after many hours of wrestling with that installer, my coder Ian found this blog which installed flawlessly.

Well i say flawlessly, what hasn't been so flawless is the porting of previous blog posts from Blogger into this blog, it didn't like something in the XML document and we wrestled with the file for hours before the posts would import. Unfortunately the previous comments are all gone, as they wouldn't import at all..

And I'm now wrestling with the CSS file to get the blog looking the way I want it to look. But I'm not giving up and hopefully by the time you are reading this, everythign will have sorted itself out.

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