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by Robert Whetton 23. September 2008 01:51
Last week I had a request from Canadian Photographer Lloyd Yoon who had found a problem with one of his photographs.. When he had taken the shot, the bride had actually wrinkled her forehead spoiling an amazing photograph. Lloyd figured it would take him hours to fix, and instead of spending time worrying about the finer points of editing, decided to contact me instead and let me do the hard work for him!

The shot before the edit.
Photo by Lloyd Yoon.
The shot before the edit, zoomed on the brides head.
Photo by Lloyd Yoon.
The shot after the edit.
Photo by Lloyd Yoon. Edit by Robert Whetton
The shot after the edit, zoomed on the brides head.
Photo by Lloyd Yoon. Edit by Robert Whetton

Lloyd expressed that he liked my edit.
dude, that's fricken awesome!

I charge in quarter of an hour chunks, this edit took me approx 43 minutes (i tweaked more than just the brides forehead) please contact me if you require professional editing.

Alison and Mark - Wedding Sat 23rd Aug

by Robert Whetton 24. August 2008 00:52
Rachel and I had a great day shooting for Alison and Mark, we'd like to thank them for allowing us to capture there special day! Things didn't start off to well, with all the bank holiday traffic in the area, Mark was 25 minutes late! Arriving just 5 minutes before Alison, the first shots were a little rushed to say the least!

anyway, here are a few of our favourite shots from the morning.

Alison and Mark - Wedding Sat 25th Aug

by Robert Whetton 21. August 2008 14:03
Just come back from scouting the Reception for Alison and Mark's big day on Saturday, the weather looks like its going to brighten up from the recent down pours we've had, it was meant to be raining this morning as well, but as it was a nice day, I went down and had a look to see where we could take the couple for their photographs..

Hopefully each of these shots will have them in on Sat..

Wedding - Charlotte and David 12 July 08

by Robert Whetton 18. August 2008 13:49
Wow, with everything that's been happening, I've totally forgotten to post some Photographs from the Wedding back on the 12th of July. I was 2nd shooting for Boundless Photos in Warwick.
I was covering the groom in the morning and then onto the church to cover the ceremony with Jon.

Anyway on with the photos, these are some of my Favourites. I'd like to thank Charlotte and David for allowing me to 2nd with Jon on their special Day.

David and his troop were good for some fun pictures before the wedding, I like to try and get some fun stuff done before the wedding to help ease any nerves that the groom may have.

The guys being totally up for going into a Womans shoe shop that i'd spotted on the high street on the way to the church. I popped in to ask permission and the shop keeper said that he'd never had anything like it done before and was ok with it, I then asked the ladies in the shop if they'd mind, and none of them objected, so the shot was on!

David found a shoe that matched their ties, so did it fit?


David waiting for Charlotte to make her entrance.

Charlotte makes her entrance.

Exchange of rings

Shot after the ceremony.

Charlotte, David and Charlotte's Niece.

After the formal shots outside the church, I high tailed it to the reception

At the reception I quickly acquired a key for the couples room and ran up the stairs to catch this photograph of them.

After the Wedding Breakfast, we kidnapped Charlotte and David for some couple shots in the Gardens of the reception.

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