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by Robert Whetton 30. September 2008 23:07
This morning I was greeted by an e-mail from Eric Koch he had a dilemma..
In the attached photo there are a couple of snowflakes that the bride’s mom wants out. The one on the lips and the one on the ear. I know I should be able to get them out, but my first couple of attempts looked just off, and since this is the 8x10 that will be on the center of her wall I need it done right.


So this was snow mean feat (see what i did there? snow, no?.. anyway) a couple of waves with my magic Photoshop wand and.

Here are the Before's.

Close up on the mouth.

Close up on the Ear.

The finished product.

Close ups.

And what did Eric have to say about the edit?
Perfect. You Rock!

So there we have it, another satisfied Photographer.. Remember if its going to take you more than an hour, or you haven't a clue how do do something, please get in touch I charge per quarter of an hour, so some edits that you think will cost the earth, won't..

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