Wedding Photography Before and After

by Robert Whetton 25. February 2009 01:59
A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege to shoot Jess and Mike on their Blessing. Jess coming from the US wanted a shot of them with some graffiti. Well that was a challenge! the local council had decided that graffiti was a no-no for the town, so what did they do? they covered every evidence of it up! what a nightmare!

So, what did we do? we shot the location like it had the graffiti in it.
Wedding Photography - Before image

and then using Photoshop with a little travel back to the early 90's when I used to do graffiti doodles and some masking I created some Graffiti from scratch..
Wedding Photography - After image
hey presto, custom graffiti for the bride and groom.

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